Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Barcelona....it was the first time that we met.

I just found out I won I competition I entered, run by Technet Plus subscription, for a place at tech.ed in Barcelona next month! This is so exciting!

I keep re-reading the email because I can't quite believe that I won!

I'm going to be able to get such great material for the podcast........

The only thing is I think on my budget (i.e. the reason I had no chance of going in the first place) I'll have to hitch-hike my way there and stay at the YMCA, but who cares. :-)


Anonymous said...

Well done Jonathan!!!

I went to Tech Ed in Barcelona a number of years ago and it was awesome - yer'll have a great time, and don't forget to take some time out to see the city too!


Jonathan Medd said...

Thanks, I can't wait!

I'm heading out the day before so should get chance to look round a bit beforehand and hopefully during the week.