Thursday, 15 September 2011

Get-Scripting Podcast Episode 26 - Ben Vierck and Kirk Munro from Devfarm Software

This is Episode 26 of the Get-Scripting podcast. Tune in to listen to us talk and interview people about PowerShell.

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PowerCLI Poster



Available for contract!

Jonathan Walz Tornado Video


Ben Vierck - Blog

LinkKirk Munro - Blog


PowerShell News:

Kirk Munro - New Product Manager for PowerWF and PowerSE

Deep Dive Conference Sessions Announced - still time to register

Build conference upcoming

PowerShell Resources:

LinkComing soon to a Hey Scripting Guy near you! "Batchman and Cmdlet!"

VIProperty Module

Powershell Tips:

How to Hard Kill a stuck VM with PowerCLI

Test a website availability with PowerShell


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