Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Get-Scripting Podcast Pilot Episode

Welcome to the pilot episode of the Get-Scripting podcast! Tune in to listen to us talk and interview people about Powershell.

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In the first epsiode we have part 1 of an interview with James O'Neill from Microsoft - we talk about Powershell, and in particular the work he has done with Hyper-V.

(It's a pilot OK, so bear with us as we get to grips with things like editing and publishing podcasts :-) )

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Ways to learn Powershell:

Download Powershell

Powershell Getting Started Guide


James O'Neill's blog

Hyper-V functions on Codeplex

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Andy said...

Listened ..
In bed on the Asus,
And then again on the Vista 4.8,
And then again ..

Nice to hear an English accent extolling PowerShell !

Thanx for the Podcast.


Andy said...

Ace !

Jonathan Medd said...

Thanks for the nice feedback, although I think listening three times might be a little excessive! ;-)

Trac3r726 said...

Great Pilot Show. How often are you going release new episodes?

Jonathan Medd said...

Thanks for the feedback.

I hope to get out roughly one show a month - the next one should be released towards the end of August.

Greg said...

Really enjoyed it. Jonathon and Hal have a great show, but I like your format, too, with the longer interview.

Can't have too many of these shows, in my opinion.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.



Jonathan Medd said...

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

Glad you enjoyed the show - keep listening. :-)

Virtu-Al said...

Fantastic first show, nice to hear a UK voice on a podcast and on an interesting matter.