Friday, 8 August 2008

Get-Scripting Podcast - how frequent?

A few people have asked "how often we are going to release new episodes of the podcast"?

We hope to record one every month, so all being well look for Episode 1 in the week beginning Monday 25th August.........


Virtu-Al said...

We have to wait a whole month ! No, cant you do two a month ? My hour long drive to work and back has to be filled !

Jonathan Medd said...

Ha, thanks for the feedback!

I'd love to do them more frequently, the main sticking point is that Producer Matt and I live 60 miles apart and his hectic social calendar do not leave many opportunites for recording. :-)

Also since it's a new venture for us we didn't want to set unrealistic expectations like we'd release one every week and then not be able to achieve that.

Fear not though, we are set to record next Monday so hopefully should have Episode 1 out next week.