Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Get-Scripting Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Get-Scripting podcast! Tune in to listen to us talk and interview people about Powershell.

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In this epsiode we have part 2 of an interview with James O'Neill from Microsoft - we talk about Cmdlets v Providers, V2 CTP and the Powershell Community.

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Ways to learn Powershell:

Powershell Step by Step - Ed Wilson is available as a free eBook. (Look on the Special Offers tab)


Update 29/08: A helpful listener Brad Bruce has pointed out the above link no longer has the ebook available. I checked it out and he is correct. :-( It was there last week when I prepared the show and has been for around the last year, unfortunately I never got round to downloading it myself - if anyone has it can they please get in contact and I can then pass it around to anyone who wants it.

Maybe they removed it because so many people tried to get it after listening to the podcast!


2008 Scripting Games


James O'Neill's blog

OCS Powerpack for Powergui. Authors blog

Eureka Scripts

Check Active Directory Latency - Brandon Shell

Exporting Virtual Infrastructure Information to MS Word - Alan Renouf

Selling Powershell to IS Management

Don Jones / Jeffrey Snover video

Powershell Event / Usergroup in Sweden

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Virtu-Al said...

Another great job, and not just because you mention my script!

Cant wait till the next episode.


Jonathan Medd said...

Thanks! Keep listening. :-)

Brad Bruce said...

The link for the free e-book seems to be out of date. I saw a discount for the print version, but no free download.

In the podcast. It's not the show volume that's an issue, it's the inconsistency througout the show. If I listen with headphones and turn up the volume to hear one portion, I get blasted by the next. Ouch!

Great show!!! Keep it up.

Jonathan Medd said...

I don't believe that, its gone! When I was preparing the show last week it was definitely there and has been for around a year.

I never actually got round to downloading a copy for myself , since I have the print version, otherwise I'd send it on to you. (There was another one there also 'Introducing Windows Server 2008' which I do have if you are interested.)

How annoying!

Yes, we do know about the different volume levels during the show and are trying to improve it. Its difficult given the limited time we have for the recording and the fact that the Interview / Studio / Music recordings are all at completely different levels and Matt is still getting to grips with Audacity. I think he was just trying to be funny when he said just turn it up or down.

Keep listening, you never know we might get the levels better next time. :-)

Anonymous said...

As I was reading your comment, I remembered levelator. I forgot where I heard about it, but it may be helpful.


Jonathan Medd said...

Thanks for that. I heard about it the other week on the VMWare podcast and am definitely going to check it out for the next epsiode.