Wednesday, 3 September 2008

IKEA, Bjorn Borg, Henrik Larsson, Powershell.........the Get-Scripting Podcast heads to Sweden.

In the interests of audio quality (ok so they have invited me over and are funding the trip) I'll be interviewing the great guys at Special Operations Software in person in Stockholm for Episode 2 of the podcast. If there's anything you always wanted to ask them then let me know.

Coinciding with the visit they are helping to run a Powershell event at Microsoft in Sweden. This will be a great event to attend if you are in the area and / or able to make it there since Richard Siddaway from the UK Powershell user group will be presenting the event.

In case you can't speak Swedish, in the morning is an official Technet event (sign up here) and in the afternoon is the inaugural meeting of the Swedish / Nordic Powershell usergroup.

Update 10/09/08: the Scandanavian Powershell Usergroup now has a website!

Since I'll be in town for the interview I'll be tagging along to the event, hopefully I might bump into some of the listeners to the podcast there - if you are going please say hello if you see me. I'll be the other English guy there who isn't at the front of the room. :-)


Richard said...


What makes you think I won't be hiding behind you :-)

Virtu-Al said...

Hope you had fun, im sure it was very interesting

Jonathan Medd said...

We had a great time. A real interesting event, plus a good start for the Scandanavian user group. They look like they should be having some good events and discussions.

Virtu-Al said...

A regular trip for you then :)

Jonathan Medd said...

If they ever want me to go back, I'll be more than happy to help. ;-)