Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Do I need all the transaction log files Exchange creates?

Excellent posting here about Exchange transaction log files, in particular what to do if your transaction logs disk fills up.


Kind of handy when you come back to work after a week and the log file disk is full. ;-)

The main point I got from it was the fact that you do not necessarily need all of the transaction logs for a storage group. So say if your disk has filled up with transaction logs you can run eseutil to find out which log files you actually need and move the rest to a temporary location. This should then buy you some time to run a backup to flush the rest out properly.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Disabling Outlook Web Access on AD accounts

A request came up asking, "If we need to could we disable Outlook Web Access for a particuar list of users?"

After some digging around and some great help from Shay Levy on the Powergui message board I was able to come up with the following:

Set-QADUser 'springfield\homer.simpson' -ObjectAttributes @{ProtocolSettings='HTTP§0§1§§§§§§'}

If you need to disable more than one of the options it would be

Set-QADUser 'springfield\homer.simpson' -ObjectAttributes @{ProtocolSettings='HTTP§0§1§§§§§§,IMAP40§1§§§§§'}

The options detailed on the 'Exchange Features' tab of an AD account are stored in the ProtocolSettings field. If you look at that field in Adsiedit, you will see which options have been disabled, if any. From there you can grab the HTTP,IMAP etc string that you need.

More info here:
Making bulk protocolSettings changes