Friday, 18 March 2011

Get-Scripting Podcast Episode 22 - Travis Jones (PowerShell Deep Dive Conference)

This is Episode 22 of the Get-Scripting podcast. Tune in to listen to us talk and interview people about PowerShell.

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EMC PowerShell Cmdlets

PowerCLI Freebies


Simple-Talk Article on Modules


Travis Jones - PowerShell Team Blog

PowerShell Deep Dive Conference

Four more reasons to come to the PowerShell Deep Dive

More Deep Dive Info

PowerShell Resources:

WMI Query Language via PowerShell eBook

PowerGUI Add-Ons

- Script Editor Essentials

- Create your own colour theme

Say Goodbye to Vesi

PowerShell News:

UK PowerCamps with Thomas Lee

- London
- York

Scripting Games - April 4 - 15th

- All links on one page

UK PowerShell User Group

- Regular Expressions with Tome Tanasovski

PowerShell Tips:

Speed up the reading of large text files

Getting registry last write time with PowerShell

Get-Variable Definition

Remoting tip

PS> Invoke-Command –computer XXX { Get-foo |Select-Object a,b,c}

Does the filtering on the remote computer and only transfers the properties you ask for:

PS> Invoke-Command –computer XXX { Get-foo } |Select-Object a,b,c

Returns ALL the properties and filters them locally.


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