Monday, 8 February 2010

Get-Scripting Podcast Episode 15 - (Luc Dekens)

This is Episode 15 of the Get-Scripting podcast. Tune in to listen to us talk and interview people about PowerShell.

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Version 3 of Powerpack. Winner of PowerPack Challenge 2009 - Best Powerpack.

vSphere Quick Start Guide available on Amazon/Lulu/pdf

Update PowerCLI Quick Reference Guide

Top 10 VMWare Bloggers


PowerShell 2.0 One Cmdlet at a Time blog series


Luc Dekens - PowerCLI guru

PowerShell News:

Sapien PowerShell TFM 2nd Edition available as a free e-book

PowerShell Tips:

List all COM objects on a machine @r_keith_hill

Sync Folder Script

Find cmdlets with specific parameters, e.g. get-command | where {$_.definition -match 'asjob'} or get-command | where {$_.definition -match 'computername'}

Send-MailMessage: Splatting


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