Thursday, 4 August 2011

Get-Scripting Podcast Episode 25 - Kirk Munro and PowerGUI 3.0

This is Episode 25 of the Get-Scripting podcast. Tune in to listen to us talk and interview people about PowerShell.

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vSphere 5 Launch

vRAM License Script

VMworld Sessions


vExpert 2011

London VMUG Presentation

ESXi upgrade to 4.1 including Dell Agent


LinkKirk Munro - Blog

PowerGUI 3.0 - Download

Statement from Kirk about leaving Quest

PowerGUI Pro and PowerGUI are fantastic products with a great team, and the guys still working on the product deserve all the praise and attention they can get. I still want the recording to be available so that it can help that product grow and prosper, giving back to those guys the support (and hopefully more revenue to help pay for their mortgages) that they so deserve.

For the listeners of this podcast, if you are in need of someone with my skills, either as a Product Manager, a PowerShell MVP, an expert in Windows management (with a strong focus on Active Directory and Exchange although I’ve also gotten deeply involved in virtualization with Hyper-V and VMware as well), a social media/community site manager, or as a freelance writer, my schedule has all of a sudden become much less busy and I’m interested in filling up that time with new work once I come back from vacation, so please get in touch, either through or through comments on my blog post about my departure from Quest (

PowerShell News:

Kindle Version of the PowerCLI book available

European PowerShell Deep Dive Conference - Mon 17th - Tue 18th Oct in Frankfurt

PowerShell Resources:

Using the Cisco UCSM Toolkit with the Cisco UCS Emulator


Powershell Tips:

Automatically elevate a PowerShell script

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