Thursday, 11 March 2010

Get-Scripting Podcast Episode 16 - (Ed Wilson - The Scripting Guy)

This is Episode 16 of the Get-Scripting podcast. Tune in to listen to us talk and interview people about PowerShell.

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Deploying VM's in the Snow. New-WebServiceProxy

London VMUG Presentation

Appeared on the Mike Laverick Chinwag

Who created that VM?


PowerShell 2.0 One Cmdlet at a Time blog series

File PowerShell bugs here


Ed Wilson - Hey Scripting Guy

Version 2.0 Cmdlets



PowerShell News:

Doctor DNS (aka Thomas Lee) Powershell Training Class -

TrainSignal - PowerCLI Training DVD

PowerGUI Pro has been released - $99 until June 1st 2010

Create your own PowerGUI MobileShell Client


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